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All American Beef Battalion: Providing Inspirational Service and Support

Article-All American Beef Battalion: Providing Inspirational Service and Support

If there was ever an organization worth donating to, it would have to be the All American Beef Battalion (AABB). Here is an inspirational story to jump start your Wednesday morning. If you haven't read about this group on the BEEF Daily Blog before, I would like to introduce you to these folks today. As stated in the AABB mission statement, "We are a group of individuals involved in the United States Beef Cattle Industry working to support our brave troops fighting the global war on terror. We invite you to look at our website and learn more about our organization. We also accept donations to help our cause."

The All American Beef Battalion is the vision of Bill Broadie of Ashland, KS. Bill is a 4th generation cattle man who served with the 3rd Marine division in Vietnam in 1967. The vision of the AABB is to support the troops fighting the war on terror while promoting American Beef. Since they established this organization in 2007, they have served thousands of our nation's troops, both in homecoming trips and deployments. Watch their new video below, and after you do, there will be only one question that remains, "Who wouldn’t buy a soldier a steak?"

I'm a fifth generation beef cattle producer, and I'm proud to be an American serving as the press secretary for this fine organization. I challenge each and every one of you to spread the word about this outstanding group of folks who are doing an amazing service for both the beef cattle industry and the American soldier. This group is doing something positive, and we all need to help the cause gain momentum, either by donations or word-of-mouth. If the press picks up on this, it could result in some well-deserved positive media coverage about the good things folks are doing in the agriculture industry. God Bless them!

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