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Ambassadors on the Move

Despite the recent cut of the National Beef Ambassador Program (NBAP) from the beef checkoff program, the American National Cattlewomen, Inc. (ANCW) is determined to keep the ambassadors traveling on behalf of the nation’s cattlemen.

Certainly, you have spotted the ambassadors on the move. Their famous red shirts stamped with the BEEF symbol can be seen from coast-to-coast, anywhere consumers are found. They work at the Boston Marathon, serving beef stew samples to running enthusiasts. They work at the Pennsylvania Farm Show, teaching millions of people about beef and veal production. Ambassadors are found in college campuses, elementary schools, and state fairs. They lobby for cattlemen in Washington D.C, blog online to consumers, and travel to cattle conventions to work with producers.

Their agricultural “heroics” are the reason ANCW is tirelessly working to keep the ambassadors on the move for cattle producers, and the 2009 Beef Ambassadors are ready to take action. Understanding the role of a beef ambassador is quite simple: increase the demand for beef. And, there is nothing that will stop the ambassadors from doing just that. I truly believe NBAP is an amazing marketing tool for the industry, which is why it is vital for producers to continue to support the program.

For now, due to financial restraints, the ambassadors will focus on areas of promotion that can be done for little cost—classroom presentations and online interaction. Reaching out to the youth with classroom presentations will be a top priority for the ambassadors.

Of course, the young ambassadors are well versed online, and they will be aggressively writing on blogs, facebook and editorial conversations on behalf of the beef industry. Currently, past ambassadors host three blog sites where they comment on industry issues and talk to consumers about their concerns. The blogs can be checked out at, and

The NBAP will be looking to receive corporate sponsorships in the future. For now, Carol Abrahamzon and the ambassador team are asking for support in the upcoming year. They are working on starting another letter campaign to be sent to members of CBB along with monetary donations to help the ambassadors travel.

The job of each beef ambassador is to help explain the value of beef products to consumers. There are many people that do not fully understand all that the beef industry has to offer in terms of nutritional value, as well as the many ways that producers are helping to preserve the environment. The beef ambassador program is truly an amazing marketing tool for the industry, which is why it is so vital for producers to support this program. This youth program is certainly a unique opportunity for cattlemen to invest their dollars to put money back in their own operations.