Another Kansas Farmer Drums Up Views For Ag Videos On YouTube

Last week, I wrote about the Peterson brothers from Kansas, who have drummed up a lot of views for their YouTube videos about agriculture. Now we can add two more successful YouTube stars to our list of agvocates -- Derek and Grant Klingenberg.

In a recent interview with the Kansas City Star, the Klingenberg brothers shared how they used their creative side to put together a video they titled, “What Does The Farmer Say?”

The Klingenbergs say they had a goal of 1 million page views for the video, a threshold they had eluded them on the two dozen other videos they had done over the previous five years. “What Does the Farmer Say?” blew the doors off that goal by ringing up more than 4 million views in the two months after its release on Oct. 29, 2013, the newspaper reports. 


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“In November, Derek Klingenberg was interviewed by a Tasmanian radio show, and Fox News sent a limo to pick him up at the farm and drive him to Wichita to record a live segment. CNN linked to the video, and a German television program tweeted it.

“The sudden success hasn’t changed Klingenberg’s life much. He’s still planting wheat, feeding cattle, mending fence and helping his wife, Kara, take care of the couple’s three daughters, ages 5, 3 and 1.

With 4.6 million hits and an arsenal of several more agricultural videos on YouTube, it’s safe to say the Klingenberg brothers are doing a wonderful job of sharing their agricultural stories with the rest of the world.

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