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Bachelors Get Political

Have you heard of Cosmopolitan Magazine? I imagine not alot of you have read it...the pages aren't exactly filled with advice on how to market your cull cows and calculate distillers grains into your feed rations. No, the magazine focuses more on personal relationships, fashion tips, celebrity gossip and cute boys. So, why am I talking about Cosmo on BEEF Magazine's place in cyberspace? Well, it has become the sounding board for a fellow cattle producer, and I thought you might like to hear about it.

Jess Peterson, a Montana cattleman and lobbyist in Washington D.C., was nominated as one of Cosmo's 50 Hottest Bachelors. Jess represents the state of Montana and is using his position to tell the beef production story. You can see his full profile at Cosmo's website and see how Jess is using his "Hot Bachelor Status" to promote American beef. In a recent video production, Cosmo asked the 50 bachelors what their greatest concern was in the 2008 election. The video was titled, "Bachelors Get Political." While most said the state of economy, health care or the housing market, Peterson proudly told the camera crew to "Buy American beef and keep cattle producers in business!"

Now, I know this is a pretty wild way to promote the beef industry, and I don't expect you to send in your shirtless photos to the next bachelor contest in order to have your story told, but Jess Peterson is a prime example of a guy willing to step up and promote American beef. Don't be afraid to check out the links to the video and Jess' profile...I won' tell anyone if you take time from reading the markets to visit Cosmo. :) Kudos to you Mr. Montana for your efforts, and I challenge each and everyone of you to follow suit!

Oh, and by the way, I promise to leave the bachelors out of my blog entry tomorrow and get back to the business of promoting beef myself! Scouts honor!