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'Beef on a Budget' Blog Aims to Boost Demand

beefveggiesspring.jpg Anna-Lisa Giannini from California and Amy Brown from Texas met in a photography class at Oklahoma State University (OSU), where they immediately became good friends upon discovering common interests in beef cattle, ranching, faith and family. Both missing home and their cattle operations, they decided to combine their shared passion for the beef industry and work to help their families back home by improving beef demand through a blog project that would educate consumers about beef cuts, preparation, exciting recipes and nutrition.

With these things in mind, the pair developed a new blog called, ‘Beef on a Budget,’ and it aims to get consumers excited about putting beef on the dinner table again, and it shows these consumers exactly how they can do just that without breaking the bank. Brown and Gianni share a love of cooking, photography and beef. They both agree that beef has taken some major hits lately, whether it’s from other protein choices out-marketing beef, or self-appointed food experts spreading false information about beef. They hope to set the record straight and share the amazing beef story with consumers.

beefbaconquiche2.jpg “Beef is healthy, easy to prepare and not just for special occasions,” said Brown, who aspires to publish a cookbook one day. “ As a college student I understand what counting every dollar means and why people cut beef out of their diets as a result. As producers, we can’t complain about the decreased demand, unless we are actively trying to increase consumption for the industry we love so much. Anna-Lisa and I talked about how both of us live on a small budget but still manage to eat beef every day, and we need to show everyone else how easy it really is to do. We started the website on a Sunday night, and within two days we had over 1000 views on Currently in our third week we have had over 3000 views.

“The goal of the website is to help consumers to have a better understanding of how they can use beef everyday and create delicious, fast, affordable and healthy meals for their families,” said Gianni, who added that her favorite recipe on the website is Southwestern Stir Fry. “Our readership is comprised of approximately 70% women and 30% men. Most are between ages 22-45. Educating consumers is very important because consumer education plays a large role in their buying decisions. I believe the key to increased consumption is consumer confidence, and a key to creating consumer confidence is education. If we don’t tell our story, then somebody else will twist it and tell it for us.”

Without a doubt, these two young beef industry leaders certainly have the potential to have a huge impact on increasing beef demand and putting dollars back in ranchers’ pockets. I encourage you to check out and support the ‘Beef on a Budget’ blog, and leave a message for Gianni and Brown in the comments section. I truly appreciate your efforts, Anna-Lisa and Amy! Thanks for all you do!