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Beef For The Cure

588562_1.jpg When giving presentations across the country about promoting beef, I frequently advise producers to incorporate positive messages about cattle ranching into other activities they are already involved in. For example, when I run in 5K races and half-marathons, I compete wearing my Team ZIP (zinc, iron and protein) t-shirt. When I check out my Facebook profile, I often post a favorite beef recipe or fun cattle fact to share with my friends. When in a restaurant, I thank other patrons for ordering beef. Opportunities to share our story are wide and varied, and in today's heartwarming story, you will be not only inspired to promote beef but to also fight for a cure against cancer.

According to an article about beef and cancer in the Jamestown Post-Journal by Sharon Turano, "What began as a way for a group of 4-H moms spending a week together at the Cattaraugus County Fair to keep in touch throughout the year, has resulted in $5,730 being raised for Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Tonya Studley says the mothers became friends after spending time together during the fair, while their children participated in 4-H events. Out of the week-long visits grew a friendship, with the mothers getting together once a month during the year. Since they were involved in raising cattle, they decided to raise a beef steer and raffle it off to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The 4-H moms named the steer "Komen," and everything needed to raise it was donated - including feed, veterinary services, ticket printing for the giveaway and beef processing so 100% of the proceeds could be donated."

All too often, beef is linked to cancer. I have written about this several times on the blog. You can read about the facts in these past blog posts:

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I'm truly touched by the generosity of these women, and I couldn't think of a better way to support cancer research! Have you done any beef promotions or fun community service projects this summer? If so, share them with us. Inspire others to follow your lead!