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BEEF Daily Celebrates First Year Anniversary

c41254d4da48e806bc399d321574a83d.gifThis weekend, BEEF Daily will be celebrating its one-year anniversary as an online resource for BEEF Magazine readers. On September 26, 2008, I wrote my first blog post introducing BEEF Daily as a brand new offering for today's beef cattle issues. As a college student and cattle producer, I was excited to chronicle my experiences and share my views on the agriculture industry, as I see it. In my first week of posting, I wrote:

This week marks the beginning of the BEEF Daily Blog. You may have read that I’m a South Dakota cattle producer and a college student. What you haven’t read is that I’m not afraid to dig into the big issues facing the industry today. I’m not scared to stand strong by my beliefs, and I’m not worried about blasting them to the world. I hope you will join me every Monday through Thursday as I dive into some of the hot topics of the agriculture industry today. Love me, or hate me; it’s not so important. What’s important is healthy discussion. So don’t hold back, let me have it. Only then, will we discover some of the vital truths about our industry’s issues.

fall-2008-187.jpgNow, a year later, I'm still sharing my experiences and opinions, and I have discovered what a great resource the BEEF Daily readers have been for me. I have learned more from the comments, emails and letters from beef producers across the country than I ever anticipated, and for that, I'm eternally grateful. Together, every Monday through Thursday, we have discussed the big issues of the day: M-COOL, NAIS, Climate Change Bill, media lies, the presidential election, the next generation of food producers, the weather, the markets, Oprah's activities, celebrity vegetarians and more... Today, I thought I would take the opportunity today to highlight some of the most read and commented blog posts from the past year. Revisit the list of favorites, and leave your comments. It's never too late to add your voice to the discussion.

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March 11, 2009: Spring Blizzard, Carrie Underwood & HSUS

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January 19, 2009: Women In Blue Jeans

December 3, 2009: What College Kids Are Reading

November 25, 2009: Winter Wonderland

October 25, 2009: When Oprah Speaks, The World Listens...And That's The Problem

September 29, 2009: Agriculture and Politics

Thanks again to the dedicated BEEF readers who have helped make the BEEF Daily project a true success! Cheers to this first anniversary! I'm looking forward to many more to come! -Amanda Nolz, BEEF Daily Editor

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: BEEF Daily started out as a development project for Amanda Nolz when she was an intern at BEEF in the summer of 2008. Since then, BEEF Daily has grown to be one a popular hot spot for online visitors. Follow us on Twitter @BEEFMagazine and on Facebook at I Heart Beef Magazine. To subscribe to BEEF's online media resources, link here.