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BEEF Daily Reader Poll

Last week's photography contest was a great way to get to know the dynamic group of folks that tune in to BEEF Magazine and our various online products. I was pleased to meet a group of individuals that didn't just represent one sector of the agricutlure industry, but it got me curious to know more about all of you. Today, I have a poll for all of the BEEF Daily Blog readers, and I'm hoping to hear back from you...

In a recent article in BEEF, You Replacing You by Wes Ishmael, there is a quote that I often think about: “Two-thirds of family-owned agricultural businesses never make it past the second generation. Is that destiny or a choice?” This quote leads me to today's BEEF Daily Reader Poll. I'm curious to know about the state of your family farm or business, and I want to know what the future holds for you. Here are a few of the things that I would like to hear about today:

1. Where are you from?

2. How are you involved in the agriculture industry?

3. How many generations of agriculturalists are in your family?

4. What are the plans of your next generation?

Thanks for playing along. I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you! Stay tuned for a new BEEF Daily contest coming tomorrow!

Quick BEEF Daily Fact: “Sixty percent of failed management transitions are due to unresolved family conflicts and communication issues; 25% are due to poorly prepared successors,” says Danny Klinefelter, a Texas A&M University Extension agricultural economist in You Replacing You, BEEF.