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BEEF Daily Summer Sweepstakes Winners!

Note to the winners: Please email me your mailing address, and we will mail you your prize!

cowboyethicsbk_thumbnail.jpg Last week, I hosted a sweepstakes contest asking all of you to answer the question, "What is the biggest issue facing the beef industry today?" 31 of you participated in the poll, noting everything from climate change legislation to HSUS to land prices. Using a random number generator, I have identified the two winners that will take home the photography book, Cowboy Ethics, by well-known agriculture authors and photographers, James P. Owen and David R. Stoecklein. Check out the winners and their answers below! Congratulations and be sure to tune in next week for another exciting sweepstakes!

After running this random number generator, lucky 10 and 27 were selected! Congratulations to Justin Galbreath from North Dakota and Lory Greer from Wyoming! Here is how they answered this sweepstakes question...

The biggest challenge facing our industry is the sky-rocketing inflation of all the costs that go into producing our product. Although the end product is costly, it is not the cow/calf operator whose share allows him enough profit over and above his expenses. Lory Greer - Wyoming

Like some others have said before, perception of the industry and lack of knowledge. Many schools require students to take health and hygiene classes and some even require drivers ed. Why shouldn’t some basic education about our food supply be required too? I’m so sick of hearing that our beef is causing heart disease or changing men in women due to implants. If people knew more about where their food comes from, HSUS and PETA wouldn’t be able to play on ignorance and emotion with as much success. Jake Galbreath - North Dakota

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: The first barbecuers may well have been prehistoric cavemen. Anthropologists say they may have started roasting meat some 1.4 million years ago. (Source: Associated Content)