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Beef Promotion Highlights

beef_1.jpgAs a student that studies communications, I'm obsessed with understanding advertising campaigns. Which brand enhancement ideas work to increase beef demand, promote agriculture and give a voice to America's farmers and ranchers? Utilzing beef checkoff dollars, the beef industry has always done an excellent job of putting those priorities first with creative and memorable beef campaigns.

beefscape.jpgDo you remember the old beef commercials that used to air? They were pretty remarkable commercials. The "Rodeo" theme song played, as sizzling beef shots panned across the screen and Sam Elliot's booming voice rang out, "'s what's for dinner." Today's modern beef commercials have a different angle, with Matt McConaughey's syrupy voice urging listeners to enjoy protein in the land of lean beef. Both the "Beef, It's What's For Dinner" and "Beefscape" campaigns have proven to reach the appropriate audiences in increasing demand for beef, and it's always exciting to hear these commercials on the radio or see them in the pages of a magazine.

I was looking through old commercials on YouTube, and I ran across these vintage advertisements. As you conquer another workday, take some time to enjoy these oldies and appreciate what they have done for the beef industry. What's your favorite beef campaign? What commercial do you remember most?