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BEEF Seminar Highlights Advocacy Work, Sustainability Model, Tax Strategies

101862-wae-2011-logos-v4-5.png It was a quick trip to Tulare, CA, for the World Ag Expo (WAE) last week where I participated in the second annual BEEF Seminar. It was the 44th Anniversary of WAE, where the theme was "Tools for Agri-Business." I was thrilled to be a part of this annual event which attracts more than 100,000 farmers and ranchers and 1,600 exhibitors during its three-day run.

Just because you couldn't be in the audience, doesn't mean you can't still experience what our seminar was about. Check out the presentation summaries and videos below.

"Taking It To The Street" with Amanda Radke, BEEF Daily editor and BEEF magazine blogger.

The goal of my presentation was to challenge beef producers to speak out about the positives of beef. I worked to teach producers how to effectively communicate with consumers and tell their side of the story while refuting the misleading information promoted by well-funded animal rights lobbying groups. Here is a review of my presentation by Lewis Griswold with the Fresno Bee, "World Ag Expo: Farmers urged to use social media." You can also check out one of several BEEFtv videos from the seminar below.

"What is the Model for Beef Industry Sustainability?" by Wes Ishmael, Cattle Economics columnist for BEEF magazine.

Is the liquidation of the nation’s cowherd a short-term event or a long-term trend? Ishmael believes there is a definite need to question whether the current cattle industry model is economically sustainable. Listen to a clip from Ishmael’s presentation below. You can also read the first five installments of Ishmael’s ongoing monthly series in BEEF magazine on beef industry sustainability:

Is sustainability part of the current beef industry model?

Cost is still the key for beef industry sustainability

Show me the money

Part 4 in a series on beef industry sustainability

A look at the future of seedstock production

"Tax Strategies For Beef Producers" by tax strategist and CPA Robert A. Gunther

Gunther's presentation focused on corporate structuring options available to beef producers and the benefits and disadvantages that come with each option. Gunther is a specialist in animal agriculture income tax planning and compliance. He is a veteran presenter on tax topics at agriculture forums across the nation. View a clip from Gunther below.

I welcome your thoughts on agriculture advocacy, animal rights activists, sustainability, cattle markets and estate planning. I know Robert, Wes and myself would love to hear your feedback on these topics.