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Beef Will Be A Star On Wheel Of Fortune!

Where’s the beef? It’s on Wheel of Fortune. That was the big announcement made at the annual Beef Bucks, Inc. Golf Challenge held last month in Brandon, SD, and I was there when Beef Bucks founder Nancy Montross shared the news with the crowd that Wheel contestants can win big with beef! Appearing on the nation’s number-one game show is no small potatoes, and I’m proud of this innovative group of South Dakota ranchers who banded together to make this happen.

Thanks to the dauntless efforts of a small band of beef-loving volunteers in South Dakota, lucky Wheel of Fortune contestants may be heading home with Beef Bucks to purchase $1,000 each in T-bones, sirloins and burgers. Beginning Jan. 9, 2012, a prize of $1,000 in Beef Bucks will appear as one of the gift tags on the colorful carnival wheel that contestants spin for prizes during the popular nationally syndicated program. Landing a spot for Beef Bucks on Wheel of Fortune was the result of a huge effort by the people who direct Beef Bucks, Inc., the non-profit South Dakota-based organization whose primary purpose is to promote beef and educate consumers on beef nutrition and cooking.

Bob Montross, Nancy’s husband, was the kingpin behind the Beef Bucks effort to land a spot on the game show’s prize wheel. And, I don’t think I’ve ever met a more outgoing and tireless promoter of beef and the beef industry than this DeSmet, SD, rancher. “We were pretty excited when we received the call in August from the people at Wheel of Fortune,” Bob Montross, who is one of eight Beef Bucks, Inc. directors, told me. “We knew then that we had made the big time because we’ll be promoting beef to millions of viewers across the country.”

This project was two years in the making, as Montross made countless phone calls and sent hundreds of emails to the Wheel of Fortune producers. The time and energy was worth it, as the Beef Bucks logo will be placed on the large wheel, allowing the chance to win for any contestant who lands on the Beef Bucks tag on up to three separate shows.

To date, Beef Bucks, Inc. has sold more than $1 million worth of beef in 40 states since the organization started in 1997. Learn more about the organization here.

The first show to be aired in January has already been taped, but we'll have to wait until Jan. 9, 2012 to see if any lucky

player gets to take home the $1,000 in Beef Bucks during that first program.

Congratulations to the Beef Bucks, Inc. crew! It’s a tremendous accomplishment by a totally volunteer effort! Be sure to mark your calendars and tune into the show when the organization makes its debut on Wheel of Fortune!

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