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img_2752.JPG Land is the one resource they aren't making any more of, and obtaining enough grass for your cattle is one of the biggest challenges producers face from year to year. With pastures greening up, I'm sure many of you are making plans to move pairs out to pasture in the next couple months, and with that in mind, I wanted to share a great new resource from BEEF dedicated to helping folks team up with those offering custom grazing services. It's called the Custom Grazing Bulletin Board; read on for more information.

Are you looking for custom-grazing opportunities for your cattle, or have pasture available for such an enterprise? BEEF magazine is offering a Custom Grazing Bulletin Board at The site is a free service offered for producers seeking custom-grazing opportunities, and those who provide for such purposes. If you have land available for custom grazing, send the following information to Wes Ishmael at for posting on the website:



Contact phone and/or e-mail

Number of acres available/forage type

Historic average stocking rate—lbs./acre (if available)

Approximate turn-in and turn-out dates

Historic average gains (if available)

Years of experience running stocker cattle

To check out the listings, go to and click on the “Grazing Bulletin Board” icon on the right side of the opening page.

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