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BEEFTV Features: Developmental Programming, Distillers Grains, Focusing On Yield Grade

beef-tv-sm.gif In case you haven't heard, BEEF magazine has recently welcomed a new member to the team. Jamie May is our new senior associate editor, and she is a December 2010 graduate of North Dakota State University (NDSU) with a double major in agriculture communications and advertising and a minor in animal science. She grew up on a livestock farm near Randolph, MN, and she is putting her experiences to work now at BEEF. You can read Editor Joe Roybal's introduction of May here. Jamie's latest project is a compilation of videos featuring topics such as developmental programming, distillers grains and beef quality, and a new emphasis on yield grade.

I encourage you to check out the three videos below, and you can link to BEEFTV for additional interactive videos on the hottest cattle industry topics.

Allen Bridges, University of Minnesota reproductive physiologist, discusses the impact of developmental programming on calf performance and quality. Research suggests that potential insults to the fetus during gestation can influence long-term growth and carcass traits. Bridges proposes that in the future this developing science can become a practical approach for cow-calf producers to increase efficiency, growth rates and carcass quality. Watch the video below.

Grant Crawford, beef feedlot Extension educator with the University of MN Beef Team, expands the discussion of distillers grains, focusing on its influence on beef quality. Going further, Crawford discusses new byproducts, which have higher protein levels, but lower fat and fiber levels. These new byproducts add another complicated twist for current research on distillers grains. Watch the video here.

Alfredo DiCostanzo, U of MN Extension Beef Team, talks more about the shift from quality to yield grade (YG) premiums. DiCostanzo explains the spread is getting closer each year and recent market trends suggest YG is gaining momentum. Watch the video here.