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A Big Week for the United States

After months of campaigning, debating, mud throwing, shaking hands and kissing babies--Barack Obama and John McCain will finally come head to head in the 2008 presidential election. This is a big election for the beef industry, as the elected candidate will make major decisions pertaining to agriculture during their four years of service. Even though neither candidate has proven himself as a well-educated and well-versed man as far as agriculture issues go, both will help to pass legislation that will impact our industry, for the better or for the worse.

Today's lead headline was written by BEEF's Editor, Joe Roybal. Be sure to check out his commentary on Barack Obama.

For quite some time, BEEF Magazine has been covering the campaign trail on its website. If you haven't check out our Special Coverage: Election '08 Section, I encourage you to do so now before you head to the polls tomorrow. Read the articles and voice your opinion. Also

The countdown is on before America chooses our next president! So, let your fellow cattlemen know who you are voting for in this monumental presidential election. Let your voice be heard. It doesn't matter if we butt heads or not, the important thing is that we, as cattle producers, have an open discussion before we cast our ballots. So leave your comments, read the articles and let me know what's on your minds! It's a BIG week for the United States, yes indeed, and I'm dizzy with anticipation.