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Carrie HSUS Underwood Engaged to Hunting, Hockey Player

600_ap_underwood_091221.jpg I know I'm starting to sound like a tabloid with headlines like today's blog post, and I promise this is the last time I will write about any celebrities in 2009. However, this gossip just couldn't be ignored, and I know I'm writing to just the crowd to appreciate it. According to entertainment media outlets, Carrie HSUS Underwood is engaged to Ottawa Senators hockey player Mike Fisher. Who cares, right? Well, it's interesting that Carrie's husband-to-be doesn't quite share the same ideals as she does regarding animals.

We all know Carrie is a huge supporter of HSUS, an organization with the number one goal of abolishing animal agriculture in the United States. You'll also note that a few weeks ago, I reported that she donated $200,000 to this cause, despite the fact that she comes from an agriculture background. No doubt about it, she has lost her country roots. Yet, her beau, Mike Fisher, is an avid hunter according to a recent post, Fisher Finds Peace in Outdoors, on Mike Fisher's personal website. It seems Fisher's favorite hunt is grizzly bears.

On a recent trip to Alaska Fisher spent time hunting and fishing and one of his prized catches turned out to be a black grizzly bear.

"We trekked into the Alaskan wilderness and we were pretty far out," said Fisher. "It was a pretty amazing feeling. I was excited to see them. I've always loved bears and the grizzly has been my biggest kill."

He now has the bear skin at his cottage as a reminder of a great vacation.

If you're going to stand for something, Carrie, then do it...don't be a hypocrite about it. And, the same lesson goes for us. If we truly support animal agriculture, we won't tune in to listen to Carrie's Christmas specials on TV, or listen to her music on the radio or even channel in to her cohorts like Oprah, Ellen, Alicia Silverstone or Eva Mendez in the movies or on daytime talk shows.

Thanks for allowing me to stand on my soapbox once again this morning. Now it's our turn to take action. Try to reach out to one person today, and tell them about your life in the cattle business. Share your stories with me on this blog when you've accomplished the task. Thanks again for all of your support through comments and emails. It really means a lot to me.

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