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Celebrate Cowboys And Cattlemen This Father’s Day

Celebrate Cowboys And Cattlemen This Father’s Day

June is the month to bale hay and watch the corn grow. June also marks Father’s Day and my dad’s birthday. For my dad, these special days are usually spent in a hay field. As a kid, I remember loading up in the pickup with my mom and younger sisters to take Dad “meals on wheels,” our term for eating dinner in the field. We would park beside the tractor and baler, drop the tailgate and have a Father’s Day meal together in the field.

Every year, Dad requests a Dairy Queen ice cream cake, and us girls would take special care in picking the perfect design for the cake -- usually a cow or a tractor design -- just for Dad. Now, eating that cake in the field while it melted always makes things interesting, but that’s the thing about traditions -- no matter how silly they are, you can’t break them. We always have ice cream cake in the field for Father’s Day.

We are full swing into haying season, so there’s little doubt that we will be spending this Father’s Day together in the hay field once again. We’ve already gotten our first cutting in of alfalfa and are halfway through the grass hay. Stacks of square bales are filling up our barns, and we’re busy moving round bales off the field so the second-cutting has a chance to grow.

I’m sure you don’t need reminding, but Father’s Day is this Sunday.

Last year, we celebrated Father’s Day with a Cowboys and Cattlemen Photo Contest. Check out the gallery here.

What are some of your fondest memories you have with your dad? What do you have planned for the special man in your life? What are you grilling up this Father’s Day?

Answer this question to be entered to win a Western art print. The winner will be selected tomorrow! Thanks for participating!

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