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Celebrate "I Heart Beef" This February

5_i_heart_beef_blackfont_block.jpg This week, we said goodbye to January and hello to February. This means we are one month closer to spring, and we will celebrate the favorite holiday for people in love, Valentine's Day. In case you didn't know, it's also Heart Health month, and the beef checkoff program is using dollars to remind consumers of America's passion for beef, while also promoting beef as a good addition to a heart healthy diet. The campaign is called, "I Heart Beef," and I'm excited to take part in all it entails! According to a checkoff survey of consumers, "In this month of romance, beef is the preferred choice of Americans (62%) because nothing says love like a great steak dinner for Valentine’s Day. In addition, 53% of Americans identify filet mignon as the food most associated with candlelight romance and 50% of Americans think filet mignon is the best way to show their love."

i-heart-beef.jpg To help spread the word about this campaign, be sure to use the hashtag #IHeartBeef in your tweets, and tell the world why you love to eat beef. Share the same message in your daily emails or on your facebook status. Contact your local beef council to get a cool "I Heart Beef" pin to wear on your coat. Follow my lead and treat your significant other to a romantic steak dinner and encourage your friends to do the same. The ideas are endless to celebrate "I Heart Beef" month, but however you enjoy beef, go out and share the good news with others. Most importantly, have fun with this. The best way we are going to compete with other protein sources is to remind consumers of the reasons why beef is worth the extra buck: taste, ZIP (zinc, iron and protein), elegance, romance and celebration.

About the "I Heart Beef" Campaign: During a time when sales of middle meats are traditionally slower, the checkoff’s food and nutrition communications team, using conclusions drawn from checkoff-funded market research, is gearing up to capitalize on a month that boasts many familiar holidays and special occasions. Thus, the beef checkoff is initiating an “I Heart Beef” campaign. The program was specifically designed to help strengthen interest in beef middle meats, cuts that have a proven return on investment for beef producers, by reminding consumers of their passion for great steaks like the T-bone and tenderloin. Not only that, but February is Heart Health Month. (Source: My Beef Checkoff News)

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: Americans most often associate beef with celebrations (50%), compared to chicken (18%), pork (17%) or fish (15%).