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Celebrate Valentine's Day With A Ribeye And Your Sweetheart

5_i_heart_beef_blackfont_block.jpg Just a heads up to the ranchers who may have missed the memo: today is Valentine’s Day, the day to celebrate your love for your number-one chore helper, your wife (hint, hint). Valentine's Day generates 180-million cards, as well as $1 billion in chocolate and candy sales. It's also one of the most popular days for couples to dine out and enjoy a romantic steak dinner. In case you didn’t know, February is “I Heart Beef”month, a campaign to celebrate the romance of beef. According to a checkoff survey of consumers, “In this month of romance, beef is the preferred choice of Americans (62%) because nothing says love like a great steak dinner for Valentine’s Day. In addition, 53% of Americans identify filet mignon as the food most associated with candlelight romance, and 50% of Americans think filet mignon is the best way to show their love.”

To help spread the word about this campaign, be sure to use the hashtag #IHeartBeef in your tweets, and tell the world why you love to eat beef. Share the same message in your daily emails or on your Facebook status. The ideas are endless to celebrate “I Heart Beef” month, but however you enjoy beef, go out and share the good news with others. Let's remind our consumers about the many positives to eating beef: taste, nutrition, elegance, romance and celebration.

Finally, to celebrate this fun day, I'm announcing the winner of the new Stanley Dip-It, Drop-It, Dunk-It Spotlight. It’s the size of a regular flashlight, but it’s up to 5X brighter than standard LED spotlights and runs for up to 10 hours with ultra bright light. The game-changing feature, however, is that it is waterproof (not just water-resistant). Drop it in water and the light shines and floats for easy retrieval. Or even take it under water down to 6 ft. to explore what’s below the surface. It’s durable as well and can be dropped from heights of up to 10 ft. and goes on shining.

Last week, I asked readers what topics they would like to learn about on the blog in the upcoming months, and there were some fantastic ideas. View them here. Commenters were automatically qualified to win the Stanley spotlight, and a random generator selected our winner. Congratulations to Kathleen Creamer from Montrose, CO. Look for your new spotlight in the mail!

Creamer wrote, “I would like to hear approaches taken by cattle producers (cow-calf operations) to survive in the beef industry. I’m especially interested in hearing from mid-sized beef producers. And I don’t want to take on a second job as my banker has suggested.”

Do you have any advice on this topic? If so, share with us. Also, what are your Valentine's Day plans? Are you celebrating with beef?