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Change Is The Only Constant

img_0868.JPG An old proverb goes like this, “Change is the only constant.” I couldn’t agree more. Whether it’s your kids growing up and leaving the house to go to school or get married, your farm or ranch transitioning into new management hands, your marketing plan for your cattle each year, or your goals for the future, the world around us is always changing. As change is the only constant, we must accept and embrace it as we seek success in our endeavors.

This was Judson Laipply’s message at the 83rd National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, IN, last week. A keynote speaker at one of the sessions, Laipply is widely recognized as a YouTube sensation for his video, “The Evolution of Dance.” With more than 155 million viewers, his dancing video likens the changing of dance styles to the changes we face in life. View his video below and see what I mean. I guarantee you will get a chuckle out of his dance moves!

What changes are going on in your family and your ranch? How are you adapting to these changes and planning for the future? Share your words of wisdom in the comments section below.

Finally, I would like to announce the return of BEEF Daily Quick Facts. A while ago, I had a reader suggest that I include small facts and figures for producers to incorporate into their daily conversations. I kept this up each day for many months until I started to focus on other issues in the blog. I have had many reader emails requesting the return of this feature, and I'm proud to bring it back for your convenience. Look for the quick facts weekly in your inbox.