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Charity Gives 'D' To HSUS

humanewatch_slider_shelters2.jpgThere's an old saying in college that goes, "D's get degrees," and while that may sit well for a student who struggles to pass a chemistry lab, I doubt most consumers would feel good if they knew their kind donations were going to a charity that was recently given a 'D' grade by CharityWatch, formerly the American Institute of Philanthrophy, which gives an annual charity rating guide report. The Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) was the recipient of that grade, further proving its uncanny knack to pocket money from well-intentioned Americans while following through on none of its promises to save animals. Instead, HSUS is focused on doing two things: abolishing animal agriculture and eliminating meat, dairy and eggs from the dinner table.

According to HumaneWatch, "Once again, HSUS — a national animal-rights group, not a pet-sheltering organization — gets a 'D' grade from CharityWatch. The group finds that HSUS spends as little as 49% of its budget on actual program costs, meaning the rest is overhead costs (salaries, pension plans, etc.). HSUS spent almost $50 million on fundraising in 2010. All those tote bags and other doodads are tying up a lot of dollars that could be helping shelter pets. This is the fifth straight CharityWatch report in which HSUS has received a 'D' grade, though it probably deserves an 'F' for honesty, given how much HSUS misleads Americans. Does anybody at HSUS care? Or are they satisfied with blowing doggie dollars, so long as it keeps the cash flowing?"

To read the entire article and learn more about the deceitful ways of HSUS, click here.


Here are some additional facts and figures from HumaneWatch about HSUS that might be good to pass along:

Did you know?

1. A recent report by HumaneWatch determined that HSUS gives less than 1% of its annual budget to local groups – totaling $527,000 over the last three years – despite raising more than $120 million annually.

2. A recent review of HSUS’s fundraising videos determined that more than 90% of all of the animals used in them were either dogs or cats. The same holds true for much of its direct mail and email fundraising documents, which often feature photos of dogs or cats inside cages or in animal shelters. In truth, the HSUS spends far more time on meat and egg issues.

3. “Nothing is more important than promoting veganism,” said HSUS senior campaigner Paul Shapiro, at the 2004 National Student Animal Rights Conference.

4. “My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture,” says HSUS Director of Animal Cruelty Policy John “J.P.” Goodwin.

Need more proof about the deceptive ways of HSUS? Education is key. Read up on the organization and spread the word. We must create awareness about the real intentions of HSUS before they regulate us all out of business.