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Cheers to beef supporter, Rachael Ray

100_ray.jpgIt's easy to get down about the headlines that plague our daily lives: another celebrity becomes a vegan, anti-agriculture legislation is introduced, the media unfairly portrays ranchers in a bad light, the economy continues to plummit, more producers are exiting the industry and food prices continue to rise, without adding extra dollars in ranchers' pockets. It's hard to stay optimistic in challenging times, but I firmly believe it's good to always try to think on the bright side. In response to the activities of agriculture's enemies like Carrie Underwood and Oprah, I have found a celebrity that is worthy of praise. And, she may just be another great spokesperson for the beef industry.

Talk show host and chef, Rachael Ray, is a great spokesperson for beef! I sometimes catch her show in the afternoons while I'm in between classes, and I was glad I caught it yesterday. Her recipe of the day featured beef. As Rachael prepared her Hanger Steak with Margarita Marinade, she explained how beef is an excellent source of protein in the diet. She also discussed the value of a hanger steak in getting more bang for your buck in tough economic times by purchasing a less expensive cut of meat. Not only does she boast the affordability, versatility and nutritional value of beef products, but she also showcases her recipes beautifully for the millions of viewers that tune in.

I think that our industry needs to recognize and thank celebrities like Rachael Ray for voluntarily supporting our industry with such passion and enthusiasm. PETA rallies around their celebrities, awarding them with the title of "Sexiest Vegetarian of the Year," and I think it's time we do the same. No, that doesn't mean following PETA's footsteps, but I think it would be great if we could highlight these amazing spokespersons in our own unique way. So, what do you think? Who wants to stand up and showcase these superstars in our industry? In a time where it seems all odds are stacked against us, it's crucial for a public statement to be made. It's time to remind consumers how great beef in a healthy diet really is. Who is with me?