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Cleaver's Market Serves Beef Industry

During the holiday season, consumers are finding special ways to deck the halls and prepare a meal that will “wow” their guests. Helping them find the perfect beef cut to adorn the holiday table, beef producers certainly have an ally with Cleaver’s Market. In fact, the store’s promise of gourmet foods, one-on-one attention and expert advice has created a long line of customers in the Sioux Falls, SD area.

For ‘Meat Guys’ Mike Haggar and Brian Jorgenson, the success of Cleaver’s Market has always come back to the quality meats and friendly faces that greet customers at their shop. Along with fine meats, Cleaver’s offers wine, deli cheeses, spices, sauces, oils, ethnic foods, decadent desserts, home made salads and more.

Haggar and Jorgenson have worked together for 24 years, and they both believe in the power of giving their customers a special experience at the meat case. Haggar learned his meat cutting skills as a child from his father, who owned and operated a meat locker. Today, the duo is able to offer their customers more than fine, gourmet foods; they can also give seasoned advice on cooking, preparation and selecting the correct cut of meat.

It’s no wonder that Cleaver’s Market was named as the South Dakota Beef Industry Council’s Prime Promoter Business in 2008. Their dedication to keeping beef at the center of the plate is evident in their business philosophy, and they utilize tools provided by the beef council in their store.

Without a doubt, Cleaver’s Market provides a sense of home cooking and specialty foods for a customer that demands the best. I'm proud to have a store like this in South Dakota to provide our urban consumers with quality meat products. Cleaver’s is one of the few places that sells freshly ground meat, and they pride themselves on the quality products they can offer South Dakota residents. Beef producers are certainly lucky to have a friend in the “Meat Guys” at Cleaver’s Market. Mike Haggar and Brian Jorgenson have truly earned the 2008 Prime Promoter award for their dedication to the industry, and cattlemen can be proud to say they have friends in Sioux Falls that are working day in and day out to sell their beef products.