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Consumer Writes, "Quit Picking On My Friends; Thank A Farmer!"

bully.jpg Last week, I spoke to a group of Tennessee farmers about how we have to work incredibly hard to regain consumer trust in our products in a sea of negative media headlines and political activist groups dragging our good name through the mud. This task may seem overwhelming at times, but every once in awhile we get the credit we deserve for being stewards of the land and caregivers to the animals. I think you will like this one...

I ran across a blog entry on Busy Woman's Guide titled, "Hey! Quit Picking On My Friends! Why I Thank A Farmer." The post was written by Eliz Greene is response to yet another negative YouTube video about farmers and ranchers. Here is an excerpt from Greene:

One of the more interesting changes in my business over the last year has been the opportunity to present stress management programs for farmers. I've met hundreds of farmers this year in the stress management programs – even more on Twitter and Facebook, and had the opportunity to visit two farms. One thing I know for sure is that farmers are under amazing pressure and stress. Which is why the video just released about animal cruelty on an Ohio dairy farm is so upsetting. I watched exactly 33 seconds of this video. It is disgusting.

But, excuse me, are we to assume this abuse is common practice on dairy farms? I cannot for a minute imagine any one of the farmers I’ve met kicking or smacking an animal in the head for what appears to be pure enjoyment. That is just ridiculous. Shame on anyone who believes the honest, hardworking farm families of this country would be so evil.

Greene presents stress management workshops to farmers and ranchers across the country. Who doesn't need a little bit of that in our business? And, I'm proud to say she is a true consumer advocate for the people behind the food. Thanks for your positive message. We farmers truly appreciate it! To read her entire post, link here.