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Consumers Face Sticker Shock At Meat Case This Summer

Beef checkoff grilling photo

While you’re spending time in the tractor baling hay this summer, you’ll likely hear the new beef campaign, “Beef, Above All Else,” featuring the voice of actor Garrett Hedlund. Ahead of that, however, the Beef It’s What’s For Dinner website has just been revamped, and the change can’t come soon enough.

As you likely know, beef prices have skyrocketed recently, causing some sticker shock for consumers at the meat case. Check out some of these headlines:

• From the NPR blog: “Why You’ll Be Paying More For Beef All This Year.”

• From NBC News: “Bad News At The Grill As Beef Prices Hit All-Time High.”

• From “Just In Time For Grilling Season: Beef Prices Reach All-Time High.”

• From The Wall Street Journal: "Retail Beef Prices Expected To Rise."

This is gloomy news, indeed, for folks who want to enjoy beef on the grill during these prime grilling months. Did you know it’s National Steakhouse Month, as well? Jaws might drop as the price of a steak at a restaurant reaches lobster-like highs.

So, what’s the beef industry to do? Twiddle our thumbs and eat pork and chicken instead? Not so fast. A newly revised Beef It’s What’s For Dinner website will hopefully amp up consumer excitement about beef even in a time where folks are watching their pocketbooks more closely. From a new website to new advertisement, there’s a fresh take on beef these days for consumers to consider.

Producer Cevin Jones explains the new ad campaign in this video.

Learn more about the new campaign here.

Personally, I still miss the original “Beef It’s What’s For Dinner” commercials. Is there anything more recognizable than Sam Elliot’s deep, booming voice or that all-too familiar jingle? Here is one of those classics from the “good old days.”

The revamped Beef It’s What’s For Dinner website features an interactive meat case that visually explains the cuts of beef and how to prepare them. It also provides a visual layout of the quality cuts and different cooking methods. Of course, it’s full of information such as grilling tips, recipes and nutritional information, all presented in a fun, graphic way that will hopefully entice consumers to enjoy beef.

What do you think about the new website and ad campaign? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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