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Could You Go Vegan For Two Weeks?

Could You Go Vegan For Two Weeks?

You can’t understand a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes, the old saying goes. It’s an adage that can be applied to our conversations with our vegetarian and vegan counterparts, who have foregone animal products in their diet for a multitude of reasons. While we are sometimes polar opposites, it’s the 95% of folks we need to appeal to -- those who are on the fence about eating meat in their diets and feeling good about it.

Nevertheless, I’ve always been tempted to go vegan for a week or two just to see how it feels, but I’ve always been hesitant to ditch the healthy amino acids, complete iron source, and plentiful protein source that beef provides me. More than that, the thought of eating gobs of peanut butter, beans and tofu to compensate for that lack of a powerful protein source like beef doesn’t sound appealing to me at all.

Braver than I are two meat lovers, Danielle Beard and David Hayden, who tossed their beloved burgers, bacon, leather boots and cosmetics in order to complete a two-week vegan challenge they started on Jan. 14.

You can read their experiences in the next two weeks at and

Also, follow the Twitter hashtag at #DandDgovegan

A two-week experiment is hardly long enough to give credit to, or discredit, one diet plan over another. After all, anybody starting a diet is usually still going strong in two weeks, making smarter choices by skipping boxed meals and sugary sweets, so weight loss and motivation might still be going strong in those first days of any new dietary regime. On the flip side, I’m betting the fatigue and depression from a diet lacking in complete proteins happens sooner rather than later.

Without a doubt, Beard and Hayden are going to need some support in their two-week vegan challenge, so check out their blogs and leave some words of encouragement. I’m particularly interested to read their conclusions at the end of the two-week trial and explore what we can do with that information.

How about you? Could you go vegan for two weeks? What do you think of this challenge?

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