Count 'Em...1,2 and 3!

Got a case of the Mondays? Well, these photos will add an interesting spin to your Monday morning. Count 'em...1, 2 and 3 bull calves born to the same dam. Can you believe it? I blinked three times to make sure I was seeing it right. Has this ever happened to you? Wow!


Managing Editor Alaina Burt forwarded these photos to me from her fellow Red Angus producers and friends, Dennis and Jo Ann of Ory's Circle 7 Red Angus, Rocky Comfort, MO. Peaches is the proud mama of three bull calves named, Joe, Jake and Jesi. I think the Ory family will have their hands full with these three!


I'm certain you have some amazing events that happen on your own, respective farms? If you have caught those events on film, why not send some of those photos my way? Email me at with your favorites, and they may just make the BEEF Daily Blog!