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Count Your Many Blessings

Article-Count Your Many Blessings

harvest-pasture.jpg I'll admit that, as of late, I haven't been feeling exactly positive about the state of the beef industry today. What with the cold, wet weather conditions slowing up harvest and making muddy lots, it hasn't been the best of times this past month. And, I'll be frank and say that the market conditions don't exactly encourage a young person like me to jump into this industry with both feet. Yep, it seems like I had lost my enthusiasm for the cattle industry, and I wasn't sure when or if it was going to come back. However, yesterday I was out helping my dad do chores, and the sun was shining and the rain had finally stopped, and the only way to look was up. I couldn't help but smile as we watched the calves belly up to the feed bunks to eat, and I was excited to see combines out harvesting as we were moving cows to another available grazing spot. I realized that although the weather and market conditions may not be ideal for us right now, there is hope for the upcoming years, and I'm proud to be a part of this business.

Today, as we face the challenges of high moisture crops, muddy lots, low market prices and high input costs, we need to focus on our many blessings. Yesterday I bottled up that sunshine for future use, and I want to share it with all of you today. What are you thankful for? What keeps you enthusiastic and optimistic about the beef cattle business? Why do you love this industry? Leave your thoughts in the comment section. You never know, you could brighten up someone else's day, too. God Bless the American farmer and rancher!

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: Of the 3.3 million U.S. farm operators counted in 2007 Census, 30.2%, or more than 1 million, were women. (Ag Census)