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Cowboy Dad Stories That Will Touch Your Heart

roper_logo.JPG The BEEF and Roper "Cowboys and Cattlemen" Photography Contest is in full swing, and the deadline for sending your entries to me is Friday. Finalists will be announced on Monday, and it will be the voters' turn to choose our champions. I have truly enjoyed looking through your entries so far, and I think you might, too. Check out the gallery here. More than the photos, I have been deeply touched by the stories and tributes you have paid to the cowboys in your life. Read these inspiring stories and pass along the feel-good vibes to friends and family.

layne-by-jaimee-jacobson.jpg "This is a picture of my amazing husband, Layne, on our wedding day. Not only did he marry me as a single mom of two little girls, but I had cancer. Yep, I was bald under that wig in that picture! He took the responsibility of helping me through chemotherapy and radiation and has stepped up to raise my little girls. He has loved us through all of it. It has been eight years now, and we are still happily married. We have added three more daughters to our family. This man is surrounded by five daughters and a wife! What a guy! He is an amazing cowboy who works extremely hard for our family. He deserves to win this contest hands down! Thank you so much!" writes Jaimee Jacobson.

_brent-and-natalie-by-karen-talley.jpg“This is a picture of my husband, Brent, and one of our daughters, Natalie. Brent and I both work full time in off-farm jobs, and then he comes home to work on the farm. We have a 350-acre farm where we raise cattle, horses and our two daughters. These two little girls want to be just like their daddy and follow him everywhere and do everything he does. Brent is a strong Christian man and leader, hardworking, has a deep love for agriculture, and is passing that love and heritage on to our daughters every day.” says Karen Talley.

rick-by-heidi-kool.jpg "I love that you are doing this for Father’s Day! This picture reminds me of that Gary Allen song, “Big Babies." It’s of me and my dad after the Father/Daughter Dance at my wedding! My dad, Rick, has made me who I am today. He has shown me what it means to work hard and put others' needs before my own. Most importantly, he has lived and shown me how to live as a Christian. I have always been and, will always be, a daddy’s girl!" explains Heidi Kool.

What's your favorite memory of your dad? What lessons did he bestow upon you growing up? What lessons do you want to teach your own children? What values are important to you in your family? Share your ideals, ideas and thoughts with this community today!