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Cowboys, Calves And Photo Winners!

Calving season is a great but challenging time of year. Weather woes can make getting those calves off to a strong start a stressful, tiresome time for ranchers, but at the end of the day, seeing those babies run and play across a pasture that is greening up for summer grazing is one of the most beautiful sights in the world. To celebrate this wonderful time of year, full of tired cowboys watching over things as the ranch springs to life, we have collected a vast collection of photographs in the latest BEEF Daily Calves and Cowboys Photography Contest.

Finalists were selected, and the readers have voted on their favorites. Three winners have been selected to win limited-edition western art prints, plus have their photos featured in an upcoming issue of BEEF magazine!

The print is entitled “Cowboy Heaven” by Steve Devenyns (pictured above). Each is is signed and numbered, measures 27 x 17 in., and is among a limited edition of 750 prints. Each is a $125 value. Devenyns began painting when an automobile accident forced him to drop out of pre-veterinary classes at Colorado State University. Devenyns never returned to school, deciding instead to develop his art. With valuable coaching from respected western artists, a good deal of determination and years of hard work, Devenyns has become recognized as one of America’s finest western artists, and among a number of top western artists whose work is featured at BEEF. For more on Steve Devenyns, visit his website.

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to all who entered photos and voted!

First Place: "I'm Trying To Stand Up" by Sarah Anderson

Second Place: "Clay And His Calf" by Jennifer Reddig

Third Place: "Teamwork" by Lindsay Murdock

Honorable mentions go to Averi Regan, Michelle Weathers and Casey Hamilton, who were within just a few votes of the top spots! Check out these additional blog posts on calves and cowboys to learn more about the hard-working folks behind the great-tasting beef:

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