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“Deep In The Heart” Debuts Feb. 17

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s future leaders. I always enjoy the opportunity to reach out to and work with kids. Whether it’s a book reading at an elementary school, serving as a mentor to someone competing in a 4-H or FFA contest, or writing a letter of recommendation for an up-and-comer applying for a tough internship, I believe it’s so important to help others along the path to success. It’s a way to pay it forward for those who helped me in my own career journey.

This philosophy is greatly exemplified by Dick Wallrath, who has given more financially than any other person to support the Texas 4-H and Texas FFA scholarship programs.

I’m excited for two reasons to announce an emotion-packed documentary of Dick’s life called, “Deep In The Heart,” which debuts across Texas on Feb. 17. First, a portion of all ticket sales will go to both Texas 4-H and Texas FFA to further strengthen scholarship programs. And, secondly, the success of this opening weekend will dictate the plan for nationwide release of the feature-length film. Of course, the more success the movie has, the more funds are contributed to Texas 4-H and Texas FFA.

The feature film, “Deep In The Heart,” documents the true story of entrepreneur Richard Wallrath. It was filmed on location outside Austin, TX, with actors Jon Gries, Val Kilmer, D.B. Sweeney and Elaine Hendrix in leading roles. Gries plays the role of Wallrath, whose personal demons caused him to hit rock bottom. After losing everything - jobs, hope, and his family - he found faith, picked himself up and eventually earned back the love of his children, built a nationally successful window company and became the leading all-time individual donor to Texas 4-H and Texas FFA Association.

The Texas 4-H Foundation has developed a web page specific to the movie. To learn about the latest updates, click here.

For theaters and movie times, click here.

If you live in Texas and go to the movie, please share a movie review with us. Let’s create a big buzz about this documentary, so others can view it across the country. Be inspired by Wallwarth’s story and donate your time to help today’s youth.

What community service projects are you a part of? How do you help kids in your area? Why do you think investing your time, talent and treasure with youth in agriculture is so important? Tell us a story about someone who motivated or mentored you in your career.

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