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Does Obama Deserve A Second Term?

 Does Obama Deserve A Second Term?

It’s hard to escape it, but the political battle is well underway as Republican candidates fight for the nomination to run for presidency. Meanwhile, President Obama is trying to rally the momentum he had four years ago, to earn a second term in the White House.

If you haven’t taken part in our latest poll on the BEEF homepage, I encourage you to take a minute to vote on this topic. Does Obama deserve a second term?

With 505 votes in to date, an overwhelming 84% of you say no. Another 15% say yes, with just a few who aren’t sure or are undecided.

Who is your pick to lead our country in the next four years? Which candidate will help restore the nation’s economy, solve our debt crisis, come up with a realistic solution for health care and be a friend to agriculture? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

On another note, I would like to extend a warm invitation to all of you to attend the World Ag Expo (WAE) 2012 in Tulare, CA. BEEF is once again hosting a three-part seminar this Wednesday, from 1-4 p.m. Here’s a roundup of topics to be discussed:

1-2 p.m.: Robert Gunther, a senior tax manager with Frost, PLLC, “Income & Estate Tax Update For Beef Producers.”
2-3 p.m.: Amanda Radke, “The Time is Now, Connecting With Consumers To Boost Beef Demand”
3-4 p.m.: Wes Ishmael, “Cow Shifting, Opportunities and Challenges in a Smaller Industry”

Join us at WAE 2012! Hope to see you there!

Finally, if you need a great way to kick off your Monday morning, check out the “Winter Wonderland On The Ranch” photo gallery. We had a record number of entries, and we will be announcing our top 10 finalists tomorrow. Once announced, you will get to select our two champion photographers. Those two winners, along with three voters, will take home $100 VISA Beef Bucks, courtesy of the South Dakota Cattlemen’s Auxiliary! I hope you’ll swing back tomorrow to participate! Have a great day!

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