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Don't Miss Out

Have you registered for the BEEF Quality Summit yet? Presented by BEEF Magazine, this year's summit is focused around the issue of, "Quality--A solution to rising costs." Now doesn't that sound beneficial for the struggling cattlemen during these challenging financial times?

I have traveled to numerous conferences and conventions over the years, but I have never seen a conference more geared towards helping producers to increase their profitability potential. Hot topics of the conference this year include: the long-effects of rising costs on beef quality, demand and profit, positioning quality U.S. beef in the global marketplace, making COOL work for you, managing costs and product quality for profit, looking at what consumers want (balancing beef quality and price in the retail case), what the 2008 election results will mean for cattle producers and the benefits and acceptance of pharmeceutical technologies in beef production.

Wow, they are sure going to cover a hefty amount of hot topics over the course of two days! You read the news and you have attended conferences, hearing the same tiresome lectures over and over again, but this summit is uniquely designed to help successful cattlemen market their products into a new generation of the beef cattle industry. The event will be held Nov. 6-7, 2008 in Colorado Springs, CO. Link here to view the registration forms and event itinerary.

And remember, the best way to stay in business is a proactive approach. Don't wait for your neighbor to start implementing new management and marketing practices. Pave the way for your own success, and be the first to share with your friends what you learned to stay profitable in the current state of the industry.

If you attended this conference last year, leave your comments and tell everyone what you enjoyed the most from the event. I want to know your favorite parts of the BEEF Quality Summit!