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Ellen DeGeneres Comic Book to Raise Money for HSUS

ellendegenerescomicbook.jpg Ellen DeGeneres is everywhere these days. Of course, she has her song and dance television talk show. She is a covergirl for cosmetic commercials. She is even a judge on American Idol.

Certainly, her star in Hollywood has elevated to super status, and along with that rising star, she has also elevated her activism and strong support of groups like the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). In 2009, she was PETA's Woman of the Year, and DeGeneres and her partner, actress Portia DiRossi were also awarded HSUS’ 2009 “Wyler Award," which is given to the public person who did the most to advance its agenda.

Yes, it would seem the credentials on this starlet's resume would be reason enough for all of us to turn the tube when she is on air and never purchase her products, but now we have one more reason to be wary of DeGeneres: she is targeting kids with a comic book, and proceeds of all purchases will go directly to HSUS. Read on for more details.

ellen-degeneres-oprah-o-magazine-cover.jpg The latest is from the sales of a new comic book that depicts DeGeneres’ life. According to HSUS, 30% of the proceeds earned by the sale of a new comic book will go straight to its coffers. The comic is being published by Bluewater Publications, a Vancouver, WA-based company that specializes in comic books, graphic novels and multimedia. The DeGeneres comic is part of a series it has put out called “Female Force,” which focus on women who are involved in politics. Others include Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.

DeGeneres isn't just a TV star with some extra cash to throw around. She is serious about her alliance with HSUS. She played a large role during the 2008 campaign for California’s Proposition 2, which outlawed many traditional forms of farming in the state. DeGeneres even covered the campaign on her talk show and made television ads supporting it. The U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance contacted the publisher of DeGeneres' book, and you can check out their statements here.

I just thought you should all be aware of the latest celebrity bandwagon, one that looks incredibly dangerous in raising a great amount of money to advance the HSUS agenda. I'm often asked to compile a complete list of celebrities, companies and products that have teamed up with HSUS, and I would like your help doing that today. Take a minute to leave some names of personalities and products that you are aware that have ties with this organization. This will greatly help me in finally putting a list together. I appreciate your help!

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