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Everyday Opportunities

Editor's Note: Although this was published on Wednesday, January 21, this is Thursday's edition of BEEF Daily. Technical errors published today's blog and newsletter twelve hours early. Sorry for the inconvenience. Happy Reading. -Amanda

You don't have to lead a walkout at a Carrie Underwood concert, take off your shirt for Cosmo Magazine or wear a hamburger patty suit at a college's Meat Out Day to stand up for the beef industry. Sure, these bold statements made in the name of livestock production and the future of agriculture are great examples of how to serve as industry advocates, but bells and whistles aren't always needed to do what is right.

In each and every day, there are countless opportunities for us to tell the beef production story, and it only takes a minute. Too often, we shy away from speaking out about the big issues that consumers are talking about today. Do we tell people that beef is an important part of a healthy, balanced diet? Do we explain to friends that ranchers are stewards of the land and cattle are actually GOOD for the environment? Do we step out of our comfort zones to tell our stories and share our emotions with others? All I know is this: it's about time we start. I'm going to share a typical day in my life with you that will illustrate the countless opportunities we have to stand up and tell our stories.

8:00 am Off to class. My Soils professor starts talking about global warming, and he says a "Cow Tax" could be a part of the equation to save our planet in years to come.

12:00 pm Sitting in Conversations in Spanish class. I tell my professor that I spend my "free time" writing for agricultural publications like BEEF Magazine. She tells me she LOVES beef, (gracias a dios!) and then asks if any of us are vegetarians. 2 OUT OF 15 STUDENTS RAISED THEIR HANDS! (Although, one said she is only half-way vegetarian because she doesn't eat red meat, only meat from animals that lay eggs.) Hmmm....

2:00 pm I'm running around the track at the Wellness Center. After my run, I head to the lockers. I see a poster that is seeking, "Young, Active Females." It's for a study on beef consumption in active women. This 10-week program monitors the diets and fitness levels of women, and then takes blood samples to read iron levels. I would LOVE to be in this study, but my travel schedule doesn't allow me to be at every fitness marker.

5:00 pm Hanging out with the roommates after a busy day of homework, blogging and writing. My roommate started telling a story about a date he had once. The girl ordered her steak, "over easy." Can you believe it?

7:00 pm Showing off my shiny Healthy Beef Cookbook to my friends. I prepared another recipe this week, Szechuan Beef Stir-Fry. Hello! DELICIOUS!

9:00 pm Completing my BEEF Daily Blog to share with you this morning!

As you can see, everyday is filled with great opportunities to spread a positive message about beef. Start at your grocery store, sporting events and during lunch at the office. You will be amazed at what your closest friends and colleagues really think about the beef industry. Let's get to work, beef advocates; we have lots of work to do!