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Faith. Family. Farming.

sistas.jpg Growing up, we were taught to have our priorities in order. For us, that meant faith, family and farming. These values were instilled in me and my sisters from a young age; like many ranch kids, these priorities provide the foundation with which to lead a fulfilling life in adulthood.

For my family, that meant we were always in the seats at church each weekend, cattle chores came before anything else, and we knew if we worked hard together, we would have time to play and have fun, as well.

img_2853.JPG As the oldest of three daughters, I'm blessed to have two younger sisters who I have shared many experiences and created countless memories with.

n1500180050_30081827_5505.jpg Courtney is a freshman at South Dakota State University studying Spanish; she hopes to one day be a professor. Kaley is an eighth grader and, although we are nine years apart, there couldn't be two people more alike than Kaley and I. Our sisterhood is a close one, and some of the fondest memories I have with these two girls is showing cattle.

kaley.jpg Whether it was washing calves twice each day in the heat of the summer or clipping bulls in the winter, we have spent thousands of hours over the years in the barn with cattle. I bring this up because we are taking three calves into town for the Corn Palace Winter Calf Show today, and there is nothing I like better than hanging out with my sisters and working on our seedstock. There's something about siblings that brings fun into a childhood, and I'm so thankful to have shared mine with Courtney and Kaley.

Join me in the nostalgia today and share some stories of your childhood and spending time with your siblings. How many "chore-helpers" did your parents have? What was it like growing up on your farm or ranch?