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On-Farm Antibiotic Use Related To The Deficit?

Article-On-Farm Antibiotic Use Related To The Deficit?

On-Farm Antibiotic Use Related To The Deficit?

I saw a study this week that drew the conclusion that child obesity has increased at the same time that the use of antibiotics in young children increased. Essentially, the researchers were inferring that, if low dosage of antibiotics can increase gain in animals, there could be a similar link in children receiving antibiotics. Of course, they didn’t stop there; they went on to infer that there might be a link between the overuse of antibiotics in children and Type 1 diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, allergies and asthma; the incidence of all of which has dramatically increased recently.

This got me to thinking: Since the advent of the use of antibiotics in livestock production, we’ve also seen the federal debt increase dramatically. Perhaps there are beneficial bacteria that helped our brains perform rationally in an economic sense that we’ve been unknowingly killing off with antibiotics. I know it’s only a casual link right now, but I have to wonder if it isn’t somehow related to global warming as well.

I will be looking to publish my conclusions shortly, except I have a few issues to iron out. It appears that the stunning growth of Apple, especially in iPhones and iPods, could also be attributed to these technological innovations. And I believe nearly every decline in the American standard of living can be directly related to the growth of Walmart.

Now, these links may not be completely understood yet, but I think the most prudent thing would be to stop the production of Apple products, and start to break up Walmart before it’s too late.

I’m still working on collecting the data but there also appears to be almost a one-to-one relationship between ethanol subsidies and the growth of reality TV. Perhaps the lack of economic reality creates a desire for more reality in our own lives.

Anyone interested in learning more on these topics will soon be able to do so on my soon-to-be-released website – “What Science Hasn’t Proven Yet But Should Have.” It will be dedicated to determining outcomes that the average person isn’t smart enough to arrive at on their own, and then building the scientific data to prove them. I know the title needs some work, but my first URL was taken – “Perverting Science For Your Own Good.”

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