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Farmers and Ranchers, Real Role Models For America

carrie.jpg She may be crooning great songs on country radio these days, but Carrie "HSUS" Underwood is no friend to animal agriculture. Yesterday, my sister competed at the South Dakota State FFA Career Leadership Event in the Job Interview contest, and while she waited in line for her turn with the judges, several FFA students asked about her "rumored" older sister and about that little walkout she did at the National FFA Convention years ago when Carrie was invited to sing. Courtney did her best to field the questions, but she called me to ask, "Why are some of these kids convinced that HSUS and PETA have their place in this world?" "Why do they keep telling me that just because these groups don't support the beef industry, they still support agriculture because they eat vegetables?" I think those arguments are plain silly, and they simply divide agriculture into sides. So, when you turn on the radio today in your tractor or in your office, switch the channel when Carrie Underwood comes on, and tell your friends why you did it.

eb-hsus-dec-ok2.jpg I've said it once, and I'll say it again, until everyone in agriculture catches on: The Humane Society of the United is committed to abolishing animal agriculture in this country. Recently, Carrie Underwood donated $200,000 to this cause. When asked about being a role model on her recent country-music special on CMT, Carrie said she takes that job very seriously and would never do anything to shame her role models, her parents. Who, by the way, are involved in agriculture. Does any of this make sense to you? She may be a cute blonde, who can sing her way into America's hearts, but as long as she is funding an organization that wants to put my family out of business, then I refuse to listen to her music. I challenge you to do the same.

In agriculture, we try to find celebrity role models to represent us; however, it is my firm belief that we are the best role models available. As farmers and ranchers, we do something incredibly noble each and every day. On average, a single farmer feeds 144 people each year. We put wholesome food on dinner plates across the world. It's time we start sharing our story, instead of letting celebrity spokespersons do it for us. As you put together your Christmas cards this season to send out to friends, family and community members, make sure to tell your story. If you have it in your hearts to give back, donate to your local food pantry or volunteer at a shelter, and tell everyone you're in contact with that you are a proud American rancher, committed to raising a safe, quality beef product for the world to enjoy.

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: “Reducing meat consumption can be a tremendous benefit to animals.” -Wayne Pacelle, strict vegan and president of HSUS