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Farmers on List of America's Most Dangerous Jobs

img_0884.JPG At times, it feels like the general consumer doesn't understand what we do on our farms and ranches. In the past few years, it has become evident that the public mistrusts the American farmer and rancher, which is unfortunate, because we have the same worries and concerns as they do. Like our consumers, we worry about animal care, the environment, food safety and sustainability. Yet, so often, the plight of the ranchers themselves is forgotten. Profitability, good health and a well-balanced lifestyle are sometimes hard to achieve in the 24/7 business of producing food, but it hardly seems like the media is ever concerned about that. However, this week in MSN Careers, Career Builder Editor Kate Lorenz identifies America's Most Dangerous Jobs, and she lists the challenges farmers face in her countdown. Finally, a media source that remembers humanity and recognizes the hard and dangerous work farmers and ranchers do on a daily basis. Read on for an excerpt of her article... And, please remember to be safe and smart this harvest season. God Bless.

America's Most Dangerous Jobs, By Kate Lorenz

While many of us go to our jobs every day without even thinking that we might suffer a paper cut, there are thousands of other workers in peril every time they punch the clock. From inner city violence to acts of nature, professionals put their lives at risk to keep the community safe, keep store shelves stocked with food, keep our utilities running, and build our roads, cars and homes.

Jobs with the highest fatality rates: Farmers ranked fifth with a rate of 39.5 fatalities per 100,000 workers.

Jobs with the most fatalities: Agriculture work ranked fifth again with the most common accidents being highway-related.

Most dangerous industries: Agriculture work ranked third with 651 deaths in 2008.

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: Remember to practice farm safety rules to avoid tragic accidents. To review these rules with your family, check out Farm Safety Just 4 Kids.