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First BEEF Daily Podcast: Consumer Challenge

As I'm getting acclimated to living close to home again, I'm taking the opportunity to get to know the good folks of my hometown. Recently, I stopped by a local place called Cafe Teresa, where a lot of young people hang out. I decided to approach a table of people I didn't know and ask them, "If you could ask a farmer or rancher anything about the foods you eat, what would it be?" You will have to listen to the first BEEF Daily Podcast to find out what these curious consumers want to know about YOUR industry. And, the challenge? You are going to need to answer their questions and concerns.

Of course, I sat down for a cup of coffee with them to clear the air on what they asked; however, I directed them to this website for more information. Don't miss this opportunity to talk directly (well kind of directly) with your consumers! Listen to the podcast and answer the questions in the comments section below. I will post my responses, as well, to get everyone started! And, thanks to our consumer participants for their questions and for the folks at Cafe Teresa for letting me interview their customers! I think I made a few new friends in the process! :)

Quick BEEF Daily Fact: Did you know May is Beef Month, and 82% of people in the United States own a grill?

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