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Flip Through The Pages Of BEEF -- Digitally

Flip Through The Pages Of BEEF -- Digitally

As BEEF editors, our goal has always been to provide you, America's beef producers, with the most relevant beef industry information as quickly as possible. Whether it be the latest market prices, the hottest university research, or information on new consumer trends or beef cuts, our mission is to dig up what is important and share it with you.

With the advent of well over a decade ago, information sharing got even easier. Everything was just a click away; our website quickly snowballed into newsletters, blogs and even a mobile site.

There's no denying it. The digital world is here to stay (and always changing).

However, through every online and digital improvement, a few things have stayed consistent. For example, most of you still receive a print edition of BEEF in your physical mailbox once a month just like you have for many years.

And while many in the publishing world whisper about the death of the print magazine, we are fortunate to see our print issue thriving. Through all the digital clutter, there is something comforting about sitting down during your lunch break or over your morning coffee and flipping through the physical pages of an industry magazine.

So, while the title of this blog might concern you, we promise you the print issue is not going to change. In fact, we hope you are enjoying the October issue you received a few weeks ago. November should be in your mailbox soon!

So what's with the title?

BEEF digital edition - November issueWe are excited to announce a new digital edition of BEEF that takes digital immediacy one step further. If you run out of patience waiting for the mail, you can now head over to and read the latest issue well before it hits your mailbox. In fact, you can get a sneak peek of the November issue here.

Now, we don't expect this to replace your print issue. We hope you still flip through every page as you did before. But, it will make sharing your favorite story a little easier and if you see a product advertised that you want to know more about, it's now as simple as a click on the ad in the digital edition.

You will be able to find the latest digital edition on the home page of our website under the Resource Block in the center rail. We will also will be building an archive of older issues for you to search through as well.

And as always, each and every story you read in our print issue is archived online at Here are a few of our favorites from the upcoming November 2013 issue:

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