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Flooding Plagues Many Ranchers

39081_1372914091799_1500180011_30926398_546707_n1.jpg The constant rain continues to swell the once tiny creeks that lazily wound their way through our pastures here in South Dakota. I have heard many reports of ranchers struggling with flooded pastures, muddy lots and destroyed crops. On the flip side, I know many of you are also experiencing another summer of drought. Where is the happy medium, right?

38044_1372124472059_1500180050_30924451_2028974_n.jpg The photos in today's blog post are from the road leading to our operation, as well as one of our pastures, and they show both roads and fences being blown out by the surge of rains we have gotten in June and July. It has certainly made things interesting around here, and I know there are many who can relate to our situation. Recently, I viewed a video about two cows "rescuing" a baby calf stuck in a tangled fence in rushing water. You can view it here. Take a minute to watch it, and let me know what you think.

38524_1372124552061_1500180050_30924452_7749519_n.jpg How are things in your neck of the woods? Do you have ample moisture, or are you hurting for some rain? Are things too wet to put up hay? Will you have to wean calves later than usual? What is your situation, and how is your operation doing this summer?

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