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FREE iPhone/Android App Offers Quick Access To EPDs

epds-guide.png Mindy Montgomery, a graduate student at the University of Missouri, is busy promoting her new iPhone/Android application, “Beef Cattle EPDs Resource Guide." It's a free guide that offers quick, instant access to EPD averages of Angus, Charolais, Chianina, Gelbvieh, Hereford, Limousin, Maine Anjou, Red Angus, Shorthorn and Simmental cattle. Sound cool? Just wait; there's more. Montgomery hopes to also bridge the gap between traditional EPDs and genomics.

"The goal of the app is to educate producers about new DNA technology while allowing them to keep-up with the changing performance data. DNA technology is emerging in the beef cattle industry as a new tool to help with everything from breeding decisions to marketing beef on the hoof. Like all new technologies, there is a learning curve involved. Teaching the practical purpose of the new DNA technology will be key to adaptation. The application introduces basic genomic-enhanced EPDs, their definitions, and some supporting information to help producers better understand this cutting-edge tool," says Montgomery.

She hopes the application will be a practical tool for producers when making breeding decisions. Become a fan of 'Beef Cattle EPD App' on Facebook and upload it onto your iPhone or Android. Once uploaded, there is a quick survey to fill out about where, when and how the data is helpful to its user. The survey is part of Montgomery's graduate work and will provide supplemental information to help her add and improve to the application. Check it out, and let us know how you like the app!

By the way, have you answered the latest BEEF poll on genomics? Our poll asks, "Do you consider genomics (DNA marker data) when buying herd bulls?"

Here's what your peers have to say on the subject:

* Yes, it is the main consideration: 21%

* Yes, but EPDs are still more important: 42%

* No, I don’t consider genomics data. I only look at EPDs.: 27%

* No, I don’t consider any genetic information (EPDs, genomics data, ultrasound): 8%

Add your two cents and vote today!