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Free Trade Agreements And Beef

img_8819.JPG Should Obama submit to Congress for approval the Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with South Korea, Colombia and Panama signed before he came into office? That's the latest poll going on at the BEEF magazine homepage this week.

So far, 69% of you say that, yes, we need those markets, while another 23% of you believe that we need more protections for displaced U.S. workers. Seven percent of voters are unsure on this topic. Please, take a minute to vote in this important poll, as this is a hot topic in the beef industry today. To equip you with ample background on the topic, I have compiled a list of articles containing a wealth of information on the FTA discussions. Take a minute to check them out.

Opinion: Three Keys Facing The Beef Industry by Steve Kay

For Every $1 Billion In Beef Exports, 12,700 Jobs Are Created by American Meat Institute

U.S. Dithers, While Other Countries Forge FTAs by Joe Schuele

Can Cattlemen Learn A Lesson From DC? by Troy Marshall

What's your take on the discussion? Take a minute to vote in our poll, and leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks for participating.