Gathered 'Round the Table

The long Thanksgiving weekend is over, and it's back to school for me. The four-day break was jam-packed. We worked on breaking the show calves and had the vet come out to bang's tag all of the replacement heifers. In between, we had an early Christmas, Thanksgiving dinner and Black Friday shopping. On each of these occasions, I was surrounded by my closest family members, and everytime we gathered 'round the table, the topic was the same...

What is this "cow tax" all about? And, what are we going to do about it?

Last week, I posted a blog entry on this subject, and I received a flood of feedback from worried producers. I thank you for your questions, concerns and open discussion. There is nothing better than hearing from all of you and digesting your thoughts on this hot button topic. So now what? We are past the talking. What are we going to do about the EPA's proposed cow tax? I don't know about you, but I would rather be proactive on this one than take a backseat and react later.

I want to hear from you. Hop on your soapbox, grab the mike and type away. The stage is yours; I'll be listening and praying for a positive solution. I'm looking forward to your input. Let's not sit by and watch something this destructive happen to our industry. I think the negative impact of Proposition 2 will leave a big enough mark for one year.