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Genomics An Important Tool When Buying Bulls

img_7351.JPG Bull sales continue to fill up the spring calendar as cattlemen search for their next herd sires. Nationwide, year-to-date figures show bulls are bringing an average of $3,258/head - that’s $467/head more than this time last year, according to Bryce Schumann, American Angus Association CEO.

With the many sales, breeds, EPDs, ultrasound information and DNA marker data available, there is an overwhelming amount to consider when making that bull purchase. A recent BEEF website poll asked, "Do you consider genomics (DNA marker data) when buying herd bulls?"

With close to 275 votes in, 16% of you say that DNA marker data is a main consideration for your bull purchases, while 37% say EPDs are more important. Another 34% admit to only looking at EPDs and not considering genomics data. Finally, 11% of you say you consider other factors and no genetic information (EPDs, genomics data, ultrasound).

With the summer breeding season just around the corner, I encourage you to check out our poll on the BEEF homepage and add your vote to this question.

Do you consider genomics (DNA marker data) when buying herd bulls?

Finally, if you have purchased new herd bulls this year, what breed did you go with? What genetic traits are you working to improve? And, on what data did you base your decision?

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