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Give 'TIME' Your Two Cents

1101090831_400.jpg Last week, I wrote about an article, " Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food," that was published in TIME Magazine by Editor Bryan Walsh. Walsh decided to throw journalistic integrity to the wind and give his two cents on our nation’s food supply, blaming farmers and ranchers for sins such as: environmental destruction, obesity, antibiotic resistance and animal abuse. The outcry from the agriculture sector has been huge, and many of you have stood up to this magazine to tell them their article on America's food supply was biased and unacceptable. Now, it's time for more of us to step up to the plate and give TIME our two cents on this story, and there is currently the perfect opportunity to do so...

wfood_2_0831.jpg AgriTalk recently interviewed Walsh on his take on America's food supply, and he unsuccessfully backpedaled as he tried to justify the opinions, not facts, presented in his article. Link here to listen to the interview and read the corresponding article here. In the interview Walsh stumbled through his defense of his piece saying, "Ultimately the story we decided to do and this is the angle we’ve been taking at Time more is to try to say, well, rather than just doing the sort of story where you do 50 percent on one side and 50 percent on another you allow the writer to look at it and make some of his own judgments I mean that’s why the story, I think, came out in many ways the way it does is that I, coming from my perspective saw the information I saw, and thought well, this is the angle I’d like to take."

Now, let's tell Bryan Walsh what we really think about this article. First, send your letters to Then, take the time to vote in a online poll on Facebook. This poll asks the question, "Is TIME still a news magazine or has it transitioned to an opinion magazine in order to be "part of the conversation"? Be sure to weigh in and vote today!

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: New food safety standards have been put in place by the federal government to further ensure the food we eat is safe.