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Good Luck, President Obama

As I watched the Inauguration of President Obama on TV yesterday, I realized what a historic day it was for the United States. Of course, he is the first African-American president our nation has ever had. Obama won the election in a landslide, and his speech yesterday indicated that he will work hard to meet the needs of the American people. Although he didn't present any definite plans, Obama promised to address the struggling economy, the markets and the federal deficit.

The next four years will be interesting for agriculture under this new administration. We face many challenges in our industry including: gaining access in global markets, keeping the next generation in production agriculture, keeping input costs low, battling world weather patterns, securing farm credit loans, earning premiums for our quality products, keeping beef at the center of the plate, educating misinformed consumers, fighting animal rights activists and lobbying against anti-ag legislation.

Today, BEEF Daily extends best wishes to President Obama. Without a doubt, Obama has inherited a nation in extreme crisis, and it will take great leadership to weather the storm. For now, I want to ask all of you...what do you think about an Obama administration? How about our new Secretary of Ag? Who should we watch out for in Congress? What legislation are you most worried about? What can we do to fight these oncoming propositions? Let's talk. The floor is all yours...