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Halloween: Cowboy Style

Everyone loves Halloween. Harvest is nearing completion (unless you can't get in the fields because of all the rain like all my neighbors), the calves are weaned, healthy and eating like wolves in the feed yard, and for many, a big check will soon come your way when you market those calves and perhaps your cull cows. Maybe you aren't planning your Halloween costume (I'm going to be a pumpkin, by the way), but you might be eating all the candy that you bought for those little trick-or-treaters. And, speaking of pumpkins and the Halloween spirit, I have decided that, through this blog, I have some very interesting friends.

I have met so many wonderful people because of this blog, and it's only in its beginning stages. First, I have the Cosmo bachelor friend, then I have the friend that has triplet calves, I have my ambassador friends, and I have my aged with wisdom friends. I have my BEEF Magazine staff member friends, my presidential election savvy friends, and my friends that dislike Oprah. And in the spirit of the season, I have friends that do this...





Happy Cow-O-Ween, Beef Friends! :)