Handling and Acclimation of Receiving Cattle

gerald-stokka.jpg Yesterday, I attended Cargill's Starting Strong 2009 Feedlot Seminar in Brookings, S.D. The event was loaded with dynamic speakers and pertinent information for today's cattleman. Presenters included South Dakota State University's Dr. Robbi Pritchard and Dr. Ben Holland, Cargill's Dr. Pablo Guiroy, Pfizer's Dr. Gerald Stokka, Kansas State University's Dr. Mike Apley and Randy Blach from Cattle-Fax. Today, and in the upcoming weeks, I will post interviews with these folks, and hopefully, they will provide some good information to those of you that weren't in attendance at this event. Listen below to my first interview with Gerald Stokka, DVM, about the major points in his speech, "Handling and Acclimation of Receiving Cattle."

Interestingly, in addition to Dr. Stokka's speech on BRD, animal husbandry, animal health and handling receiving cattle, he closed his speech asking producers this question, "If someone from New York City came to your operation today, would you be ale to explain your production practices?" Don't miss his strong message in today's BEEF Daily podcast!

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: As referenced in Dr. Stokka's speech, "A fool finds no pleasure in understanding, but delights in airing his own opinions." -Proverbs 18:2